Congrats to my brother, Qui Tran!

Nudo will be coming soon to Creve Coeur, MO! Super excited!


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thank you!!!!

what an amazing turn out. all the gifts and goodies from everyone….thank you so much St. Louis family and friends. it was quite overwhelming for myself and I’m sure for the rest of the family. A lot of great people were there and feast magazine was able to capture it all.


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the 1st!!!

On October 15, 1985, my beautiful mother opened up the first Vietnamese restaurant in St. Louis, Missouri. Happy 30 years!!!!!!!


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My dad was acknowledged for his hard work . If you all have a Honda or toyota, you should definitely take it to Jamco to get it checked out if needed. They will keep your car running forever.

Another proud moment…IMG_4030-1


30 years

Not only am I grateful but i’m so proud of my family for reaching 30 years in business, Mai Lee Restaurant. My mom, Lee Tran, started this restaurant in 1985 in St. Louis, Missouri. We were the first Vietnamese restaurant to open and we’ll keep it going for as long as we can. My mom is one of the hardest worker I know and I cant be more proud of her and what she did for our¬†family. With that said, we want to thank you ST. LOUIS for 30 years!!! Please come and join us Oct. 30 (Friday) – Nov. 1 (Sunday). There will be complimentary desserts and more!!! We will see yo there.


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