We, the Lawrence Group had our interiors holiday party at Basso’s  (downstairs bar) grand opening this week @ the Cheshire.  Well designed by the Lawrence Group, the interior of the space is amazing, food was delicious and so were the drinks. If you get a chance, you have to check out the Restaurant as well.







had the scared heart. so good!!


a great group of ppl. it’s only half of us

basso / the restaurant

Kimball Chicago

I had the opportunity to take a one day trip to the Kimball Showroom in Chicago. Our rep flew us out there in the morning, had breakfast, toured the showroom, had an amazing lunch at the showroom, took an Architectural boat tour in chicago, and back on the plane to St. Louis. This was back in August so the weather was perfect. I recommend taking the Architectural tour the next time you are in Chicago. it was amazing. Inspiring!!!

mini Kimball lounge

no one was working this day obviously… it was just beautiful outside

the famous parking garage/apartments

merchandise mart 

happy halloween!!!

Every year, my sister throws the kids (and adults) a Halloween Party. I look forward to it each year and it gets better every year.  There are all types of activities, food, dessert and drinks. I’m such a kiddo. Well, I took lots of pics and thought I’d share it with you.