Keep + Shop

I wanted to share some exciting news with everyone.
I started Keep Design and Lifestyle about a year ago. I love sharing my ideas and hoping that it inspires people so here i am to tell everyone that I have started an online shop .¬†What you’ll see in my shop are items that I truly love and probably own. I’ve got a lot of hand-made items from different artist from around the world. You’ll see a good variety of things. I plan to keep the shop going and hopefully there is something for everyone. If not now, soon!!!
I know Chrsitmas is around the corner and gifts need to be bought!!!
thank you for everyone’s support!!!


I had a chance to start cleaning out my closet and I started laying all of my shoes, bags, and clothes out….

ummm……I have a lot of stuff. I wasn’t sure how to get rid of my items because I love all of them but I had no choice.

My future plan is to one day open my own boutique shop. Why not start online? I decided to re-sell my items and start a mini online shop.

Please check it out. Shop KEEP online.

I have a link on my HOME page.

Have fun!!!!